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About Us - The Evolution Difference



1)  Professional- We will act professionally at all times in everything we do. We will only employ, passionate, committed people.
2)  Client focused- Our mission is to find, keep and create "raving fans" with our clients. Our clients are the reason we have a business. All of our systems and standards will be designed to delight our clients. 

3)  Respect- We understand we are primarily in the people business. Property and real estate is the medium we operate in. Whilst we will be competitive in nature, we will not chase all business for the sake of doing business. We only want win/ win negotiations and all reputations enhanced and intact afterwards.

4)  Trust-
We will act in a manner that at all times earns, creates and demonstrates trust. We will be honest and faithful.

5)  Results focused-
We understand that ultimately our clients employ us to do the job. Everything else doesn't matter unless we succeed in this mission. We will passionately commit to a results mentality.

6)  Willing to go the extra mile
- We will constantly strive for a "five star" client experience and will never rest on our laurels. What others consider excellent, we will consider the norm. We will strive to lift standards constantly.
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