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Marketing Options
Any professional agent will have a variety of options and expertise that you as a seller can utlilise and select as part of your decision to sell your property.
These should include the following options or packages
1)     Basic or a no media campaign
2)     Media campaign standard
3)     Media campaign (intense)
4)     Auction campaign
Typical marketing investment is a relative small percentage of the value of the home, yet the advantages and benefits are far greater. Beware of agents offering a “no charge” marketing campaign. No investment by the seller usually means “no marketing”, or “B grade marketing” will be the result.
Really, there is a conflict of interest when an agent is paying for the marketing. The emphasis is more about sell at any price, rather than find the best buyer, who is willing to pay the highest price.
Selling fees are paid to an agent for successfully closing and selling a property, for a price agreed by the seller. Marketing charges are out of pocket, up front expenses paid for to promote an owner’s property, in a way that enhances the value to create a higher sales price for the seller. If the property is not sold, or a seller refuses offers which are at highest fair market value, therefore no selling fee applies; the advertising and marketing investment has still been paid on behalf of the seller.
Contrary to what may be espoused by agents, or believed by some sellers, seller paid advertising is not primarily all about just “finding” the buyer. There are over 12 ways to find buyers and advertising is not the only method available.
Marketing is about positioning. Products and services positioned as upmarket, special and unique attract more interest, more desire to own them, and usually at a higher price. Homes are no different.
In every single product category, we see cheap brands, generic products and “plain wrap” alternatives. These are almost always much cheaper than the corresponding branded product and almost always, not the preferred market leader.
You see buyers pay much higher prices for branded, high quality products marketed and advertised to a very high standard which makes the consumer feel good about owning that product.
Buying a home is an emotional process and unless the marketing is of a first class standard, it will never have the desired emotional appeal that the seller wishes will be created by the buyer, so that the maximum potential of the property can be achieved.
Some examples of how “marketing investment” can influence the sale price of the home is in the following;
  1. Staging (invest in furniture, props to enhance the look and feel of a home.
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  2. Professional photography
  3. Professional descriptive photo signboards
  4. High quality magazine exposure
  5. Targeted exposure in local newspaper and major weekly real estate papers
  6. Feature properties on internet portals
  7. Ground blitz marketing of local letter boxes (word of mouth)
  8. Direct mail to locals (buyers and sellers) in the agent database. (Word of mouth).
  9. Proactive use of email marketing to registered buyers in agent databases or with real estate portals
  10. Proactive SMS buyer updates to agent databases
Some agents do not use ANY of these methods, instead relying on minimalist, subsistence marketing methods which are antiquated and not sufficient today at all. Investment in marketing is not only essential, it will increase your chances of achieving a higher price by positioning your property correctly and making the best first impression possible.
It is suggested that you get good advice about marketing as part of any decision to sell. Deal with the experts at Evolution Realty.
We hope that you have found this article helpful. They are the views of Evolution Realty and are intended to be informational and helpful only. Thank you. (c)
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