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How Do Other Agents Compare
  The 12 Areas To Assess Evolution Realty Other Agencies


Local prominent office location. Do they have an interactive touch screen window display? Are they located in a prominent local walkway? (Check this).

Buyers still look in real estate windows,some agents are not based locally, some have no window displays as they are upstairs, some have no stock to look at, some are based in home garages.

Yes ?

Proven credentials, Does the agent have LOTS of recent written client testimonials. Can you see them? Are any on video?

Yes ?
3. Does the agent have a thorough track record and expertise in various methods of sale unique to your property? Yes ?
4. Members of REIWA (Industry endorsement is important) Yes ?
5. Does the agent have other FOR SALE signs in area. (Be careful that they are not just lots of tired listings that they can not sell. Some listings sit on the market between 1-2 years). Yes ?
6. Many local home opens most weekends in the City of Melville  to attract buyers, and provide opportunities to cross sell for your property. Yes ?
7. Extensive use of Interactive floor plans, video, professional photography, slideshow and descriptive ad copy for all listings. (Check as many don't). Yes ?
8. Full conjunctions with all agencies from day one (Check this well as many don’t) Yes ?
9. Two people to manage your home opens for the first few weeks if required (Better security and service) Yes ?
10. The area's most content rich, up to date state of art website updated daily. Outstanding content rich FREE E-Books available for buyer, seller and investor alike. Available to download stright from the website. Yes ?
11. Recent substantial local sales track record. Provable credentials. Yes ?
12.  Evolution Realty magazine or equivalent distributed to over 1,000 locals each 6 weeks with local listings for sale (Quality exposure). Yes ?

Evolution Realty has state of the art, quality marketing to ensure that your property receives the best possibe outcome.

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