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Our clients say it best

We have recently competed a record 6 months in business. I am very thankful to say at the same time the amount of "fan mail" is also very high. Please read what one delighted seller said, and feel free to read many more on our website.

"I rarely write testimonials and providing one for Ian Barnes is not a case of just gratitude, but because it is easy to recommend one who provides service like it was an art form.

You can tell Ian loves his job, because his knowledge is impeccable, his wisdom in his advice to us and attention to detail, unmatched, compared to other Agents we have dealt with over many years.
From the first appointment, we knew Ian was not there with the prime objective to sell us on giving him our listing, but purely to give of his current knowledge and then leave the ultimate decision to us. No pressure, just common sense and straight shooting dialogue.
My Wife and I just love to experience good service as we are both employed in service industries. We witnessed, in our opinion, the best Real Estate service operator any vendor could wish for.
Our plans have now come to fruition through the professional efforts of the Evolution Realty Team and particular thanks go to Ian, Agnes and Tony, who should never doubt that this level of service, including the ongoing feedback and communication, goes unnoticed or unappreciated by nervous Vendors.
Thank you for the proficient and timely sale of our Applecross property.
Mark & Gabrielle"
Mark & Gabrielle Heynemann
2/28 Fletcher Street, Applecross
26th July 2012

The results are in for 2012!


“Recently Evolution Realty posted a newsletter to the public, and our database which had some factual errors, from outdated data. The result was incorrect Underselling of the facts, which were the figures for the 2011 calendar year, not the 2012 financial year. The correct figures are attached. We did not in fact sell 20 properties for $28M in the previous 12 months in Applecross, the correct figures are 25 sales for $41M. We apologise for any confusion.”

Here are the facts for the past 12 months.  (Of the top 5 agents in sales results for 2012 financial year in Applecross).

1)    No.  1 by sales number                Evolution Realty 25 sales
2)    No.  1 by sales volume                 Evolution Realty  $41M *
3)    Days on market (SOLD’s)  
No. 1 agent Evolution Realty                    =  83 days
No. 2 agent  days on market                    = 123 days
No. 3 agent  days on market                    = 131 days
No. 4 agent  days on market                    = 182 days
No. 5 agent  days on market                    = 185 days

So in a nutshell, in 2012 (Financial year) Evolution Realty sold the most number in Applecross, and for the highest value, and in the shortest time.

A Pretty compelling clean sweep for results. If you are selling, and are serious about the best results, we better talk. Otherwise it will cost you time, money and stress.

I want your business, am hungrier and more fired up than ever, and I am getting results in a tough market. Call me.

Ian Barnes

* Approx. to nearest $1M. Sources:, Complete Data.  I am happy to email the actual factual graphs if required, email me for the list.

Markets can turn on a dime

Having just returned from a speaking gig in New Zealand where I addressed 250 agents there, I was amazed that they were in fact in an entire different real estate world. Literally a few months earlier they were experiencing the same market conditions as us, a buyer’s market, yet when I arrived to address them, what I learned was that they were reporting a shortage of stock, days on market down to 10 days in some cases, and a seller’s market was the reality now.

Yet earlier in 2012, a total different story.

I was thinking that this can happen anytime in Perth too. I see buyers getting cuter and cuter; the term I have been using is “growing horns”. I think some buyers enjoy too much what they think it is an environment where they can say and do anything. In my 10 year career I can’t remember them being as willing to make 24/7 demands, remind you that is a “buyer market”, be willing to lecture and pontificate to the agent, yet still not make an offer in some cases, or if they do, unrealistically low.

I recall one buyer offering me $1Million on a property marketed at about double that, due it being on the market a reasonable period. I like to answer, if the buyer waits long enough on that logic, it will be free.

When I was disinterested in playing the games with that buyer, he then said, alright then, $1.7M?

When asked if he would write that up, the buyer refused. It was to him, a game. (fair enough, buyers can do that, then sellers and agents can too).

Another buyer recently, when saying he will offer $600,000 on a property offered to market at “offers over $699,000”, was asked, if his offer due to wanting a discount off the asking price or what he thinks is fair?” We asked, “If it was $600,000 would you be offering $530,000?” to which he said , “yep”.

Is it any wonder many owners refuse to put asking prices on properties, and many agents find it hard to take these buyers seriously.

I like to remind buyers that even in a buyer’s market, there still needs to be a willing buyer and a willing seller. Value is and always has been established by comparing “apples for apples” in a recent market for sales evidence. A recent sale validates value and ensures buyers can buy with relative confidence. (Assuming the market is stable). I do find that both buyer and seller each use “comparable sales” that suit their own vested interests however. (both as much as the other).

My views of buyers and offers  in this market is this.

1)      If you like the home

2)      If you can afford it

3)      Make an offer

4)      Try to buy it

5)      Make a first reasonable offer to increase your success chances

Good agents will never do “hypothetical or verbal” offers, so the only way to know you can buy it is to write an offer.

If that offer is way too low, it will be seen as “playing games” and probably treated in kind by the agent and the seller.

A genuine, fair and reasonable offer will usually be treated in kind as well.  

I just say to buyers, sure it is a buyers’ market now, but like in the New Zealand example above, things can change very fast. (So don’t sit back too long if you want to buy).

Already in 2012 volumes are up and stock levels lower, reaching at State level a form of equilibrium in the market.

There will always be people that need to buy, from interstate and overseas transfers, trade up and down buyers and first home buyers. Western Australia is well placed to continue to prosper, and I think it is dangerous to be so cute as a buyer right now waiting for that elusive fire sale bargain, that you miss a really perfect home that is available at a fair price rather than a bargain.

We have sold as much in the past 5 months as any time in the past 10 years, and right now things are moving in numbers and volume of sales. Whilst I am not saying prices are rising, I am saying properties are moving.

The rest is inevitable. The big question is when? So if you are buying, the time to jump in is now.

Thank you and see you in the market place. 

Fast out of the blocks 2012

At the risk of sounding like real estate hype, I have to say 2012 has without doubt started as a cracker. (personally, our clients and for our office).

We have made as many sales in the past 5 weeks, volume and number as what some agents do in a year, and nearly as much as in the previous 6 months.

Home open numbers have in some cases resembled 2007, with over 50 coming through 3 home opens last weekend.

Recent sales for me have been in 11 days, 5 days, 18 days, 5 days, 42 days, 31 days and 13 days. (and a few that were longer, more in line with typical market conditions). All were the result of strong marketing campaigns, many with video, and most with our “no price marketing” method.

In this way buyers get to focus on the benefits of the home as a starting point, not all focused by “What sort of discount” can I get? Sellers benefit too as they get a chance to see what the “Real” market value is before they get too entrenched at a position. I also think the risks of overpricing and starting high in this market for a seller can be a disaster, so a “no price” strategy makes a lot of sense.

Given the Applecross market is upwards of 230 days now for the unsold stock, and Mount Pleasant 147.5 days for all of the unsold stock, there is without doubt two markets.

To be able to create results like the above for Evolution (personally) and for my sellers is a real thrill, as we are obviously bucking the norm.

I say to those sellers that are unsold after such a long time, time for a plan B.

It is time to do something different. We have proven buyers will buy and results can be created.

Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity was to continue to do the same things and expect a different outcome”, or words to that effect.

It constantly amazes me how some homes stay listed with some agents 2 plus years, and nothing changes. Mmm,  Interesting!

We at Evolution will continue to innovate and lead, as we are relishing this current market condition, and welcome any engagement from buyers or sellers that want some direct and frank conversation around how to move forward and make something happen.

Thank you and see you in the market place.


Look Who’s Been Selling in 2011!

Well the results, facts and figures are in for 2011, and they are very interesting.

Evolution Realty is still selling the most in Applecross

More than ever in a tough market, you need a hungry, energetic and thoroughly professional agent. Here are the facts for the past 12 months.  (Of the top 5 agents in sales results for 2011 in Applecross)

1)    No.  1 by sales number                Evolution Realty 20 sales
2)    No.  1 by sales volume                 Evolution Realty  $28M *
3)    Days on market (SOLD’s)    
No. 1 agent Evolution Realty                    =  56 days
No. 2 agent  days on market                    = 122 days
No. 3 agent  days on market                    = 126 days
No. 4 agent  days on market                    = 143 days
No. 5 agent  days on market                    = 119 days

So in a nutshell, in 2011 Evolution sold the most number in Applecross, and for the highest value, and in the shortest time.

A Pretty compelling clean sweep for results. If you are selling, and are serious about the best results, we better talk. Otherwise it will cost you time, money and stress.

I want your business, am hungrier and more fired up than ever, and I am getting results in a tough market. Call me.

Ian Barnes - 0423123 533

* Approx. to nearest $1M. Sources:, Complete Data.  


2.      Mistaking cheap fees for quality service

In property management we see many property investors making the mistake that all real estate companies are the same, and all offer the same service so the best way to differentiate between them is to get cheaper fees. However we have found a common pattern among agents is the cheaper they get, the lower their service levels.


Often we hear of owners that select an agent based on a half a percent or one percent cheaper.

EXAMPLE: A $500 per week property

  • 0.5% cheaper = $2.50 per week
  • 1% cheaper     = $5 per week

Almost always, we find that the agents that are cheap are so because the service levels are less.


  1. Poor property condition report details
  2. Poor management of rental arrears
  3. Poor routine inspection procedures
  4. Poor in communication
  5. Poor in follow up with maintenance matters

We have seen properties that we have taken over where owners saved a few dollars a week, just to find that they have lost thousands due to the inept skills and follow up of previous property managers that meant even after they went to court, the owners could not recover the money as the tenants could not pay.


A first class property manager will never let this happen. As in life, you really do get what you pay for.


Here is a simple step by step analysis of how cheap fees lead to poor service levels;

  1. Cheap fees is the starting line- unfortunately the perception is that agencies all do ‘the same thing’, we collect rent, get repairs done and find a tenant. With this perception we then might be attracted to a cheap agent, or one that substantially discounts their fee to impress you to win your business. 
  2. The property manager must manage more properties- because the agency has a much lower revenue base now because of their cheaper fees, the property manager is now well overloaded with too many properties to justify the same salary as the other ‘more expensive’ agency down the road. 
  3. Burnout and resignation- the overload of managements causes the property manager to become disillusioned, not coping and causing ‘burnout’, struggling to meet investor expectations of service levels, with the end result being resignation.
  4. Good property managers now avoid this agency- once word of mouth spreads amongst property managers that to work at this agency you must manage so many more properties and so the good property managers steer clear of this business. Therefore the only people the principal can employ is either inexperienced or poor performing property managers who can’t get a job in good agencies.
  5. Poor service levels- due to this factor of now lower expertise levels, the result is poor service all around and disillusioned property investors who thought they had a ‘bargain’!


The end result is the property investor now quite willing to go and find a quality agency and realise they need to pay a bit more to get better service and peace of mind.


  1. Landlord Insurance- Tenant Performance Can’t Be Guaranteed

Like any investing where we seek a financial return, there is a risk that an unexpected financial loss may occur. When we have an interest in investing in property, there are also risks to our investment return.

When our return comes by renting a property to tenants, it would be fool hardy to think that a tenancy poses little to no risk, even with we have secured what we believe are great tenants! Even the best tenants can have an unexpected change of circumstances that can result in rent arrears and in some extreme cases ending in eviction.

Most property investors understand this risk and therefore take out landlord insurance to cover against financial loss like rent default, malicious damage and other tenancy related losses. However you need to ensure you have the right landlord insurance!


Be Aware of ‘Bank’ Landlord Insurance

When a property investor takes out a loan, they are usually offered landlord insurance also by the financial institution. This gives them peace of mind until, at claim time they realise that the ‘bank’ landlord insurer now requests from $300 to $1000 as an excess for rent default!

It makes sense that your property manager has access to the best landlord insurance cover, not the bank! So when you are looking at Landlord Insurance, perhaps consider these important questions:

  • Can I claim if my tenants are on a periodic lease agreement?
  • Can I retain the bond for re-letting expenses?
  • What value are my contents covered up to (carpets, curtains, light fittings and blinds?)
  • What are the excesses for loss of rent, malicious tenant damage and accidental tenant damage?

    Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Legally we are not able to give you any advice, but we are happy to give you the facts of what our preferred landlord insurance cover.  


Well we found him. The Elusive Booragoon Bomber. It was like unmasking of one of the super heroes, but we finally discovered who that top tipper really was. Alex Yurkov from Booragoon, and guess who he supports?  “The Bombers”.

As it turns out Alex is one of our clients so it is great to have him win.

The prize is a substantial $500 dining experience at the Raffles Restaurant, and earnt this due to his exceptional tipping during the year.

Alex had 158 right tips, and was a full 5 tips clear of runner up Jack Warman.

The amazing fact is Alex claims he didn’t once win a weekly prize, so for the second year out of 3 the main prize winners were the most consistent all year without any weekly glory.

Congratulations Alex for your superb tipping. Please enjoy your dinner on us.

To everyone that participated in this year’s competition, thank you. It was fun, and yes we will do it again next year. Bigger and better.

We would like to hit 200 plus participants. We will be ramping things up even better with even more value in the prizes, and hopefully a whole lot more tippers to boot.

We can all have a few months off and see you in early 2012 for the Evolution Realty footy tipping competition 2012.  

Giving Back To The Community

At Evolution Realty we very much feel privileged to be a part of what is a wonderful community in the City of Melville.

As individuals, we have grown up here, raised our families here and live here.
To be able to help people in what is potentially one of the most stressful moments in their lives, moving house, be trusted to be part of the process and to be able to represent some of the loveliest homes in Perth is indeed a rare privilege and honour.
We are thankful for our success and acknowledge and recognise that not everyone has the same opportunities. We believe that we have an obligation to give back something to the community.
To this end and as good corporate citizens, Evolution Realty have committed that a percentage of every single sale made will be donated to the community and various worthwhile charities.
In particular, we see the right to have a home and a roof over our head, to enjoy a meal and a warm blanket a necessity and a luxury that most of us take for granted.
The Directors at Evolution Realty have long supported St Vincent de Paul Society and the Red Shield Appeal and will continue to do so corporately.
Personally, as a father of 7 children and 2 grandchildren, I am blessed and thankful to say that they are all healthy. Evolution Realty also supports Red Kite, who assists young children and their families with cancer.
Below is a list of some of the organisations, charities and local businesses that Evolution has supported.
  • Melville City soccer club
  • Applecross Heat Basketball team
  • St Vincent De Paul Society
  • Red Cross Red Shield Appeal
  • Red Kite
  • Applecross Primary school
Thank you.

Ian Barnes.
Managing Director

Years in the Making- It has arrived!

It has been years in the making. I have long wanted to offer the latest, content rich, expert information and tips for buyers, sellers and property investors and here it is.

Evolution Realty is proud to announce and launch our FREE E-Books range.

Three detailed, content rich, easy to load E-Books bursting with information for all segments of the real estate process, based on dedicated research and personal practical hands on years of experience.

1) BUYERS- Got questions? - All of the answers right here.

An 18 page FREE E-Book titled “The 21 Essential Home Buying Tips”filled with all the best, relevant, local information and tips required to help you navigate through the existing property market. Click on the links on this page. Simply download straight onto your computer or print of you like.


2) SELLERS- A 19 page FREE E-Book titled “The 21 Irrefutable Top Home Seller Tips”filled with all the best, relevant, local information and tips required to help you get the best outcome when selling. Click on the links on this page. Simply download straight onto your computer or print of you like.

How to avoid the pitfalls when selling and achieve the following.

* Maximum price
* Minimum stress


3) SELLERS- A 23 page FREE E-Book titled The 21 Must Know Home Staging Tips” filled with all the best, relevant, local information and tips required to help you get the best outcome when selling. Click on the links on this page. Simply download straight onto your computer or print of you like.

Want to “Dress your home for success
stand out from the crowd” when selling?

Learn how!
All this and more, FREE in your own E-Book

A 23 page E-Book titled “The 21 Must Know Home Staging Tips”filled with all the best, relevant, local  information and tips required to help you present your home in such as way as to get the best possible outcome when selling. (Highest possible price, least stress,


This is all part of our ongoing commitment at Evolution Realty to innovate, add value and lead in the local real estate market in which we operate. I hope that you enjoy these FREE tools and resources. 

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