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Evolution Realty TV: Episode 16
Previous Episodes
Episode 16
First broadcasted May 2014
3 mins 15 secs
As we're entering the winter season, Ian Barnes talks about the myth of less real estate in the colder months. He also introduced the new Applecross report, Evolution Magazine and special reports that are available to be collected from our office.
Episode 15
First broadcasted January 2014
5 mins 54 secs
In the first video of 2014, Ian greets us with last year's sales report in Applecross. He found 3 interesting points regarding the market, which is increase is sales volume, decrease in how long it's taking to sell and how the top ends or property with high range price is in healthy state. Tune in for the details!
Episode 14
First broadcasted October 2013
1 mins 55 secs
Spring 2013 is here, and Ian is back in this short episode to introduce the new Evolution Realty office that is located on 43a Ardross Street, Applecross. This new location has got better parking and facilites around and they've also upgraded the interior. So, drop in to talk with Ian about your buying/selling needs.
Episode 13
First broadcasted August 2013
4 mins 1 secs
In this first episode of the new financial year of 2013/ 2014, Ian talks about current property market situation. He also explains the advantage of auction and the good points of it compared to normal selling method. Furthermore, Ian showcases 3 new properties that are noteworthy. And Last but not least, Ian invites you to visit Evolution Realty new office that's situated in a new prime location.
Episode 12
First broadcasted June 2013
3 mins 6 secs
Ian gives advices on buying property within these periods, also shares a case study to give advantages to buyers. Ian then wraps up with several range of showcases Evolution Realty has at this moment.
Episode 11
First broadcasted April 2013
3 mins 52 secs
This time, Ian talks in detail about Market Segment and Absorbtion Rate. He explains that understanding these 2 information will help us to buy/ sell property more effectively. Ian also introduces new market analysis tool that is available on the site.
Episode 10
First broadcasted March 2013
4 mins 17 secs
In this episode, Ian covers the developments in the real estate market. He then continues with different market segments and also how Evolution's latest book: 8 power principals of Price Maximisation in the Real Estate negotiation can help you to get the best deal.
Episode 9
First broadcasted February 2013
2 mins 59 secs
In this first episode of 2013, Ian Barnes introduces Applecross reports which consists of the local property market statistics and also the new ebook that will gives out the secrets of selling for home sellers. Tune in now for more info on how to get it.
Episode 8
First broadcasted October 2012
6 mins 57 secs
It's already the 3rd quarter of 2012, and Ian brings us the market perfomance in Applecross and how Evolution performs. He talks about selling in spring season, days on market and listing numbers. In the end, he also talks about second agent change overs and gives us a wrap up.
Episode 7
First broadcasted August 2012
5 mins 47 secs
It's been over a year now since the first episode of Evolution TV was launched. This time, the video focuses on Evolution Realty itself on their 4th year in business, who Evolution is, what it is all about and what it stands for.
Episode 6
First broadcasted March 2012
5 mins 58 secs
On this edition of Evolution Realty TV Show, as usual Ian Barnes gives us the market snapshot of Applecross. He also introduces his new sales training company and talks about how the choice of agent, strategy and marketing makes the difference in selling. Last but not least, he talks about the current rental demand situation.
Episode 5
First broadcasted December 2011
5 mins 31 secs
It's 2012, and Ian looks back over 2011 – "an interesting year" you might say. Ian then analyses two kinds of real estate markets: the ones with longer period to sell and the ones with shorter periods, and the reasons behind them. He also talks more about Evolution Realty’s new Free eBooks and eNewsletter. In a final section, Ian covers the current booming rental market and its implications for property investors.
Episode 4
First broadcasted October 2011
5 mins 50 secs
It's spring time and Ian comes back with an update as to the year to date state of the local Applecross market and the trend of sales volumes on the rise compared to 2010. He also explains why spring is a very good time for buyers and sellers alike and a basic introduction to some home staging ideas. Last but not least, he introduces the 3 new FREE E-Books downloadable from Evolution Realty website, with offerings for Buyers, Sellers and Investors alike. Be sure to tune in now.
Episode 3
First broadcasted July 2011
5 mins 7 secs
This time, Ian gives us an end of financial year wrap up report for Applecross and Mount Pleasant, and how that affects the market right now. He also talks about indicators of the market bottoming out, how to work with lots of offers and the risk of not doing so.
Episode 2
First broadcasted June 2011
7 mins 14 secs
In this episode, Ian shares some valuable tips for buyers, starting from where to look when you want buy, and continuing to how to buy a property, such us deciding your budget, timing, buy or sell first and what you need to research before buying.
Episode 1
First broadcasted May 2011
6 mins 35 secs
On this very first episode of Evolution Realty TV Show, Ian Barnes gives us a market snapshot on the first quarter of 2011 with some tips and tricks for buyers and sellers on what they need to look out for.
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