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Sales Testimonials


It has been said that the real qualification for a real estate agent, is testimonials.

Testimonials is the extent to which an agents clients are delighted, and would recommend them to friends and family, even put their feelings in print or video for sharing to the wider public.

Many agents have been around years yet cannot produce large lists of written client testimonials. 

Why is that?

Testimonials are not the same as backdated references either. We are talking about current, relevant written client testimonials from sales made by the agent recently.

Here is a sample of Evolution Realty’s and Ian Barnes client testimonials all available to inspect on request.

Diligent, Profession & Exceptionally Reliable

Hi Ian, I was keen to tell you how impressed we were again with your service to our family in the last real estate transaction. This is so important to us because the real estate sales you have handled for our family are very valuable and such a large component of our family assets.

We again observed you provided highly evidence-based advice, and were so well-informed on your selected area of operation. We also think your performance is so strong because of your exceptionally reliable, clear, accurate and straightforward communication to all parties, Your communication is always diligent, professional and persistent over the mid and longer-term and we think critical to achieving our agreed outcomes.

Your success in our family's recent real estate sale was another really strong example of how your exceptional skill and diligence can produce above-expectation results. We feel that you perform at a level and in a manner that is significantly different and superior to other experts we have dealt with in real estate.

Again thanks for your work for us and it is great to see you performing so well. 


Jeanette Hacket
Vice Chancellor Curtin University (Ret'd)
August 2017
Excellent, Innovative & Committed
We selected Ian due to him successfully selling another similar home in the area. The service was in depth, excellent with frequent, thorough communication. 
We found the experience a lot better than the previous experience where another agent had the property without obtaining an offer. Ian’s marketing was more effective and a higher level than previous.
I was impressed most with the commitment to trying hard to get the price we wanted. 
We will undoubtedly use Ian again to sell our next home and would happily recommend his services to any prospective sellers. Thank you Ian.
Ian and Anne Grossmith
25 Booker Street, Attadale
June 2017
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